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Pineapple Praying Table Lamps : Prosperous, Rolling in Wealthand Flourish Crystal LED Lamp

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Packing 包装: -
Model: SLH-LEDW16
24 pairs per carton, 一箱24对.

Pineapple Shape Table Lamps : Prosperous, Rolling in Wealth and Flourish Crystal LED Lamp

Model:  SLH - LED W16

The meaning of ''Wanglai'' or 《旺来》is to usher in prosperity, to be more and more prosperous, financial prosperity and bring male offsprings, glory, splendor, wealth and rank, as well as to flourish in business; because ''Wanglai'' is a homonym of pineapple, therefore ''Wanglai'' is expressed in pineapple. Although the symbolic meaning of fresh pineapples is a good omen, because fresh pineapples leaves have sharp spines along the margins., they are not suitable for worshiping many gods; therefore, the lighting design of ''Wang Lai'' are all represented by pineapples with smooth shapes and no sharp spines, which brings good luck. Through the shining of LED light, it is radiant, vigorous, and suitable for pious worship of gods.

This lamp is suitable to be placed on both sides of the gods. Through doing good deeds and gain merits, with the loving kindness and blessing of gods, as well as light energy emits by the lamps, the good energy field is even stronger; so as to increase the prosperity and wealth, gaining multiple times of lucks; brings fame and business opportunities; money is rolling in; increase of Directly-Associated Wealth, and windfall money is easy; business is prosperous and abundance in friendships; With a peaceful atmosphere that makes gods happy.

This lamp is made of high-quality plastic, which is resistant to high temperature and durable, and is guaranteed not to fade. The lamp's leaves can be disassembled for cleaning. Beside that this lamp adopts LED lighting, energy-saving lamps with consuming less power, and save power up to 90%. Can be used for a long time, no need to replace the bulb frequently.

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