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About Us

Brief History of Suan Leong Hang Development

Suan Leong Hang (M) Sdn Bhd established in year 2000 (Dragon year of Millennium), professionally developing, manufacturing and distributing high end quality products of Chinese religious praying materials. The company’s development come along with the founder, Mr Goey Lai Poh who is highly committed to the trend of religious industry and putting great deal of effort to operate and expand the company from a small medium industry of 8 employees to the scale of 80 over workforces of company. With the company business expansion, Suan Leong Hang invested a 15,000 sqf of land area located at Bukit Minyak industrial area of Penang state, officially moving in the modern new factory in year 2006 to cater the giant market needs.
Strong Business network of Suan Leong Hang

Our core business of is to develop, manufacture and distributing high end quality of praying materials as well as involving in Chinese religious business where the business network covering domestic and oversea market. With the recognition from our domestic and oversea market, our business has been growing tremendously and gaining good rating from all level of customers, making Suan Leong Hang become market leader in domestic market. In order to respond to the support and confidence to our valued customers, we have obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in the year 2006 to assure and improve our product quality further.

With the certification of the ISO 9001:2000, our business network covers internationally such as China, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, Vietnam and other South East Asia Countries. We also target to have India market under our business network in near future. In line with giant market needs In China, in the year 2008, Suan Leong Hang has established a business development centre in Guangdong province, set up office and product show room at Zhong Shan City as well as special stores in Guangzhou city for branding and marketing our products. Responding to the business expansion in China market, Suan Leong Hang has also established assembly line and store at Zhong Shan city to smooth run and expedite the goods supply to cater the increasing customer need. Suan Leong Hang always develop new products and actively participate in various exhibitions of Chinese religious praying material organized elsewhere in China, to provide variety and better choices for all the consumers or business operators in Chinese religious praying materials sector.
Brief Introduction Of Suan Leong Hang Core Products

Suan Leong Hang has been continuously developing and upgrading new products on praying lighting items. Recent development of new praying lighting items are adopting Lighting Emitting Diode (LED in brief) which replacing normal bulb which is of high energy consumption.LED not only diffuses low heat, does not contain any mercury or ammonia so its totally harmless to human body. As such, using LED has great contribution to prevent global warming issue. Besides, LED is 100 times of longer life span compared to normal bulb, and has no worry of replacing bulb frequently. Apart from this, Suan Leong Hang is using the highest grade of Polyester Carbonate (PC) and Acrylic as the main material for our praying lighting items. PC is a highly inflammable, unbroken and durable high grade material which contributes to ensuring the high temperature resistant and high durability. In consideration of environmental issue, Suan Leong Hang also came out the other environmental advantage product namely “Environmental burning oil”, which is odourless and smokeless.

In mid of 2010, Suan Leong Hang has penetrated high class of joss stick market, ranging from“Flower Series”, Aloes, Sandal wood type of joss stick and etc. At the same period, we also developed new products like crystal & copper combination of lotus shape table lamp product and high grade of colourful crystal oil cup, hence positioning product value to the higher stage. All series of lotus lamp products in Suan Leong Hang are disassemble for cleaning purpose to maintain its lotus leaves clean and shine.

Suan Leong Hang Policy of Development

Trustworthiness come first, Enthusiasm in service, pioneer in technology, continuing improvement.

Suan Leong Hang Business Concept

Best in reputation, Best in quality, Mutually beneficial, Customer First.

Suan Leong Hang Mission Of Operation

Continuously developing and innovating new religious praying products, promoting Suan Leong Hang branding to the rest of the world.

Suan Leong Hang Policy of Development

To become first public listed company in religious praying industry, leading religious trend, continued to inherit Chinese culture.