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【Tibetan Incense】...SLH/CW-500,SLH/CW-701(5),SLH/CW-702

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Tibetan Incense

Model: SLH-500, SLH-701(5), SLH-702
Size:      500g,        250g,          250g

Because of loving kindess and compassion~ so performing smoke offering prayers (giving is more blessed than receiving!) For thousands of years, the hungry ghosts and hostile relative and creditors around us, have to endure the pain of hunger and thirst, and no one gives assistance to them, to those who suffer from cold and illness every day , we should make smoke offerings for them every day with a compassionate heart, give food, clothes and medicine, so that they can escape from suffering and enjoy happiness, and also let the deceased be free from suffering. 

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