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Sandalwood Root Joss Sticks SLH-SR-121

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Model 编号

Product Name:Sandalwood Root Joss Sticks
Model no.: SLH-SR-121-25.5      Size:(Length) 25.5 cm       Weight:600g
                  SLH-SR-121-33.0      Size:(Length) 33.0 cm       Weight:700g
                  SLH-SR-121-39.5      Size:(Length) 39.5 cm       Weight:700g
Packing: 24 packages per carton
Function:Centennial-old sandalwood root... underground... absorbs the energy of heaven and earth, and collects the essence of the sun and the moon... Its aroma is natural, pure, and long-lasting. It has a strong energy to purify the aura and turbid odors, removing of evil spirits. If you offer the scent of sandalwood roots, the gods will be more approachable, and you will be able to get guidance from the gods, pray for blessings and make wishes, and it will be easier for them to come true. The effect of worshiping God and Buddha is more significant.

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