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【Bohemia Crystal Glass】... DH-9300A

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Material 材质:: Crystal Glass 高级水晶玻璃

Bohemia Crystal Glass
Model no.: DH-9300A
Packing: 24 sets per carton

Bohemia has a long tradition and history of making crystal glass. Bohemian's crystal glass is particularly transparent, clear and bright, with a high refractive index, as well as with a high density crystal glass structure, weight and elegant in texture. With a very fine workmanship in the crystal glass product design and making, another characteristic of Bohemian's crystal glass is making a ringing sound when tapped.

As an oil lamp for gods and Buddhas, due to the Bohemian's crystal glass with high reflective index, the light of oil lamp can be very well reflected, making the light looks brighter, and radiating stronger light energy. This is a multi-purpose crystal glass, which can also be used as ghee candle light support, through the crystal glass, the candle light can be well emitted. It can also be used for all kinds of flowers offering, such as jasmine, etc., to offer fragrance piously, so as to increase popularity in socializing; and to get more helping hands when one is away from home. it can also be combined with prosperous Fengshui decorations, and various treasures can be placed in crystal glass to be a crystal cornucopia of wealth.

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