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Ingot Shape Table Lamps : Continuous Light, Crystal Ingot LED Lamp

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Model: SLH-LEDY29
24 pairs per carton, 一箱14对.

Ingot Shape Table Lamps : Continuous Light, Crystal Ingot LED Lamp

Model: SLH - LED Y29

''Yuanbao'' is a currency with the highest denomination in ancient Chinese nation, and it is regarded as a store of wealth; it is also a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness; it also has a huge and precious meaning; Feng Shui is used it to help the owner to have a smooth career, rolling in wealth, make money, and broaden the owner fortune; placing ''Yuanbao'' indoor so as  to  promote wealth and to keep one's house undisturbed. with the family has sufficient financial wealth, good luck, prosperity, and roling in wealth. It is also used in luck increment for official ranking promotion and Wenchang (academic achievement). For example, three ingots are used, which means a symbol of wishing the success of the highest achievement.

This lamp is suitable to be placed on both sides of the gods. Through cultivating and performing good deeds and gathering of merits, and with the loving kindness and blessing of gods, as well as the emission of light energy from the ''Yuanbao'' lamp, produced a stronger and good energy field; so as to increase the prosperity and wealth, gaining multiple times of lucks; brings fame and business opportunities; money is rolling in; increase of Directly-Associated Wealth, and windfall money is easy; business is prosperous and abundance in friendships; With a peaceful atmosphere that makes gods happy.

This lamp body is made of high-quality plastic, which is resistant to high temperatures and durable, and is guaranteed not to fade. A new generation of LED energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps consume less power, saving up to 90% of power. Can be used for a long time, no need to replace the bulb frequently.

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