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Peach Shape Praying Table Lamps - The Money Grows Treasure Praying Table Lamp

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Peach Shape Praying Table Lamps - The Money Grows Treasure Praying Table Lamp

Model: SLH - LEDG7        (H) : 232mm (9 1/8“) 
SLH - LEDG8        (H) : 210mm (8 1/4“) 
SLH - LEDG9        (H) : 190mm (7 1/2“) 
Material: Polycarbonate(Peach), Iron (Body)
Colour: Red, Yellow
Lamp: LED Light Bulb
Voltage: 220~240V 50/60Hz
Packing: 12 pairs per carton

''The Money Grows Treasure Praying Table Lamp'' , prosperity of wealth makes money in bank increases, money grows well as wishes, with the long shine of peach shaped lamps, the incomparable treasures.''

Peach symbolizes good fortune and auspiciousness, and abundance of wealth. This peach shaped lamp is especially suitable to be placed on both sides of the gods. By the power of light, together with the majestic power of gods, so as to enhance the aura and luck; to grow wealth and prosperity, to keep one's house,  shopping malls, factory and  stores undisturbed; thriving and prosperous business or trade, the road to wealth is wide open; relations with people is good, and it's easier to find new opportunities and get unexpected help.

The lamp body is made of metal with gold color plated, glittering, stately and beautiful look, as well as durability. The lamp cover is made of the highest quality plastic, which is guaranteed not to fade and is resistant to high temperatures. LED energy-saving light sources have low power consumption and can save power up to 90%. It can be used for long periods of time, and no need to replace the bulb frequently.

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