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Praying LED Table Lamp : Wealth and Auspicious Table Lamp

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Praying LED Table Lamp : Wealth and Auspicious Table Lamp


Peach symbolizes good fortune and auspiciousness, and prosperity of wealth. This peach lamp is especially suitable to be placed on both sides of the gods. Through cultivation and gain of merits, with loving kindness and compassion of gods, and the light energy emits by this lamp , the aura is stronger, the confidence is doubled, and brings good fortune to family; prosperity of wealth, brings male offsprings, prestigious in career, a booming business and the rolling in of money.

In addition, the lamp's body design is composed of gourds; and gourds have strong vitality in nature, they have the symbolic meaning of health preservation, and super reproductive ability of them for promoting family harmony, enhancing the relationship between husband and wife, and the encourage of the increment of the household population. The gold-plated gourd is full of rich and righteous sense , it cans attract wealth and luck, guarding the house and eliminate evil obstructions, as well as resolve all bad energy in the room symbolically.

This lamp is made of the highest quality plastic, which is guaranteed not to fade and is resistant to high temperatures. LED energy-saving light sources have low power consumption and can save power up to 90%. It can be used for long periods of time, and no need to replace the bulb frequently.

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