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Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps - Everlasting-Shined, Serenity Crystal Lotus Lamp

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Colour 颜色


Packing 包装: -
12 pairs per carton, 每箱12对.

Model 编号:SLH-LEDX9S
12 pcs per carton, 每箱12个.

Material 材质: -
聚碳酸酯 PC

Bulb 灯泡: -

Voltage 电压: -
220~240V 50/60Hz

Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps - Everlasting-Shined, Serenity Crystal Lotus Lamp

Model: SLH - LED X6, X7, X8, X9, X9S

''Everlasting-Shined, Serenity Crystal Lotus Lamp; Light up the everlasting-shined lotus lamp, with pious prayer, wishes could be obtained; with the serenity of mind, can help in cultivated of wisdom and achieve liberated of mind; and may the happiness, prosperity, longevity, good fortune, wealth and wisdom grow.''

In front of the gods and Buddhas' statues, the believers light up the everlasting-shined lotus lamp devoutly, and offer light to the gods and Buddhas for long hours; May the gods and Buddhas be their masters, and bring bright to one's family, so that one's family can be healthy, wealth and prosper; bring bright to one's career, and make one has a brilliant careers; bring bright to the studies, and let one's teachers teach diligently, and have the classmates support and take care of oneself, and pass with flying colors; bring bright to the elders to live long and safe, as well as be healthy always; bring bright to human relationship, always get a helping hand with sincerity; bring bright to one's health; bring bright to oneself so as to bring one's fortune; like the Polaris in celestial, lead the sailors perfactly to their destination, with the brightness of light, let there be help and guidance in growing of one's personal fortune and wisdom; with the serenity and liberation of mind, may one crosses over the stream to the further shore.

The raw material of this lamp is PC or Polycarbonate. It is well known as high heat resistance up to 120 Celsius. PC resistant to fade, it is durable and not easily breakable. The lotus's petal can be dismantle for wash. The illumination of this lamp is by super bright LED bulb, It is last longer, diffuses low heat, offer up to 90% energy savings and harmless to user.

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