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Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps : Colorful Crystal Lotus Lamp

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Model 编号
Colour 颜色


Packing 包装: -
12 pairs per carton, 1 箱12对.

Model: SLH-L9S
12 pcs per carton, 1 箱12个.

Material 材质: -
聚碳酸酯 PC

Bulb 灯泡: -
Filament bulb 灯丝灯泡

Voltage 电压: -
220~240V 50/60Hz

Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps : Colorful Crystal Lotus Lamp

Model: SLH - L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, L9S

''Light up the lotus lamp, to shine and bring brightness to every household, and the brightly shine by the lamp brings blossoming prosperity.''

The appearance of this lotus lamp is exquisite, elegant and blessed. The lotus design is lifelike, with a natural full blooming lotus, and the petals of lotus are very vivid. There is a saying in the Pure Land School: ''When flower blooms, one sees the Buddha''; “flower blooms ” means ''understand one's heart and the characteristic of emptiness'', ''Seeing Buddha'' means that one can reaches the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

In addition, the lotus stem design is composed of gourds and cut of artificial crystal diamonds; and gourds have strong vitality in nature, they have the symbolic meaning of health preservation, and super reproductive ability of them for promoting family harmony, enhancing the relationship between husband and wife, and the encourage of the increment of the household population. The gold-plated gourd is full of rich and righteous sense , it cans attract wealth and luck, guarding the house and eliminate evil obstructions, as well as resolve all bad energy in the room symbolically.

The overall design takes into account the context of wealth and wisdom, as well as the balanced development of the material and spiritual aspects of individuals and families. On the one hand, it takes care of the accumulation of wealth, and on the other hand, it also takes into account self-cultivation, so that one can achieves enlightenment and crosses over the stream to the further shore in someday.

This lotus lamp has been electronically power stepdown, and the quality is guaranteed! it is made of high quality plastic! The lotus petals can be dismantle for washing.

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