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Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps : Seven Stars Crystal Lotus Lamp

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Colour 颜色


Packing 包装: 1 set per carton, 每箱1个。

Material 材质: -
聚碳酸酯 PC

Bulb 灯泡: -

Voltage 电压: -
220~240V 50/60Hz

Lotus Shape Praying Table Lamps : Seven Stars Crystal Lotus Lamp

Model: SLH - Q 718, SLH - Q 720, SLH - Q 722

''The Seven-Star Crystal Lotus Lamp'' is used to illuminate the seven lucks of your family and yourself, namely prosperity, Rank and Affluence, longevity, literature, wealth, joy, and marriage luck, corresponding to seven auspicious stars, '''Fu Xing or Lucky Star', 'Lu Xing or God of Rank and Affluence', 'Shou Xing or longevity god', 'Wen Qu Xing or Megrez', 'Wu Qu Xing or Mizar' , Seven Luminaries, and ’Yue Lao or god of marrage match-maker’'', and may seven stars shine brightly to guide you.

 These LEDs' Lamp designed in Lotus Shape with two difference colors. due to LEDs consume low power and therefore its diffuses low heat, This Lamp is energy savings and harmless to user. The casing of this Lamp is made of high quality plastic, it is excellent resistant to fade and heat, durable and not easily breakable. Lotus can be easily dismantle for cleaning purpose.  Lamp body is chromed in gold, It is shining and elegant! 


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